Self-made. Successful businessman. Father.

David built his business in Fairfield County, where he and his wife are raising their five children.

David’s story is the American Dream.

David Stemerman was a Republican candidate for Governor for Connecticut in 2018, earning the endorsement of the Hartford Courant, the state’s largest newspaper, as “Best Bet for Republican Governor.”  Courant columnist and top Connecticut political analyst Kevin Rennie also wrote about Stemerman, “During the 16 years I have been writing this column, it has been both my privilege and burden to talk to a lot of candidates on and off the record. I’ve never met with one smarter than Stemerman….He relishes discovering and refining the array of new policies that will be required to reverse the growing despair over the state’s future that is the most poisonous legacy of the last eight years.”

Prior to his run for Governor, Stemerman was the founder and portfolio manager of Conatus Capital, a multi-billion-dollar hedge fund investing globally in publicly traded equities, long and short across all sectors of the economy and previously was a partner and portfolio manager at global hedge fund Lone Pine Capital.  As the Wall Street Journal reported, Stemerman seeded hedge fund Emerson Point Capital where he currently serves as Senior Advisor.  He attended Yale College, graduating summa cum laude, and went on to Harvard Business School, where he received his M.B.A. with distinction and his J.D. magna cum laude from Harvard Law School.


David’s Approach to Problem Solving:

For twenty years, David traveled the world and saw what caused businesses to succeed and fail in all sectors of the economy. He became skilled at recognizing patterns for what works and what does not. He understands the transformational impact of technological change and globalization. He knows how leaders create bold winning strategies, turn around struggling businesses and grow to heights no one believed possible.

We do not have to start from scratch to find answers to our problems in Connecticut. We only have to look to other states who have faced the same problems. We will bring to Connecticut solutions that have been proven to work elsewhere. For example, we can look at what Michigan did to restructure retirement benefits and taxes to overcome a budget crisis and grow. We can look to what Massachusetts did with standards and accountability for their schools to improve performance and close the achievement gap. And we can look to see how Europe used public-private partnerships to build great highways and airports.

Getting it Done:

David remains active in engaging in Connecticut’s political process and promoting new ideas to save the state from financial disaster.  He appears regularly on television, radio and print commenting on the state’s unfunded pensions, transportation infrastructure, and proposing solutions for the state’s loss of competitiveness and chronic budget crisis. 

Stemerman lives in Greenwich CT with his wife and five children.

It’s time to break with our failed policies of the past and move forward with strong solutions that will deliver a better future. David Stemerman has delivered those solutions to save Connecticut.