David Stemerman Op-Ed: The Solution to our Infrastructure Problem? The Private Sector

April 12, 2019

There is a sharp divide in Connecticut over Gov. Ned Lamont’s toll proposal, but almost everyone agrees that our transportation infrastructure is failing us, and we need to do something about it while minimizing the cost to Connecticut’s overburdened taxpayers…

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Face The State: David Stemerman Discusses Tolls

January 13, 2019

David Stemerman went on Face The State to discuss the impact of tolls. Watch here:

Todd Feinburg: David Stemerman on Tolls

February 18, 2019

David Stemerman calls into the show to give his take on Governor Lamont flip-flopping over the weekend on his promise of tolling only tractor-trailer trucks.

You can listen to Todd Feinburg’s full interview with David Stemerman here.

From the Archives:

Investing in Infrastructure

We are losing the luster of our location with the increased congestion and deterioration of our aging transportation system. Our families are losing quality time together. Our employers cannot access talented workers, because they are unwilling to suffer intolerably long commutes. Career politicians in Hartford are stuck in rhetoric of the past while citizens are stuck in traffic. Democrats propose more taxes — introducing tolls and raising the gasoline tax — and want to send the funds to an appallingly inefficient Department of Transportation, when most citizens question whether the DoT will actually solve problems. Republican career politicians say no to tolls, but fail to offer viable solutions to develop much-needed transportation improvements.

I released a plan to invest in our state’s infrastructure when I ran for governor: